Best makeup Courses

Self Hairstyling5 DAYS (2-3hrs. daily)5,000 Rs.
2-3 Other Hairstyling  
Self Makeup  
Day Look  
Party Look  
Product Knowledge  
Self Hairstyle5 DAYS (1hrs. daily)5,000 Rs.
Braided Hairstyles  
Twisting Hairstyle  
Neat Bun  
2-3 more bun  
2-3 Puff  
Hair Extension Setting Knowledge  
Hair Accessories Decoration Knowledge  
Hair Tools and Product Knowledge20 DAYS (2-3hrs. daily)60,000 Rs.
Hair Texture Knowledge  
Straight Hairstyles  
Curls Hairstyles  
Braided Hairstyles  
Twisting Hairstyles  
Layer Hairstyles  
Bridal Bun (2-3types)  
Messy Bun (2-3 types)  
Hair Puffing  
Self Makeup  
Day Makeup  
Party Makeup  
Child Makeup  
Glamour Makeup  
Engagement Makeup  
Bridal Makeup  
Nude Makeup  
Barbie Makeup  
Makeup Products Knowledge  
Makeup Tools Knowledge  
Hair Type and Texture Knowledge30 DAYS (2-3 hrs. daily)1 lakh Rs.
Hair Tools and Product Knowledge  
Hair Styling-  
Open, Straight,Curls,Tongs curls, maggi curls, crimping  
crimping ,twisting layers, braided waves.  
Neat Bun, Messy Bun, hair do all types  
Hair Puff All Type  
Self Makeup, Day and  Party Makeup, Child Makeup  
Glamour Makeup, Engagement Bridal, Nude , HD makeup  
Barbie Soft Touch, Mature Skin Makeup, Acne Skin Makeup  
Ethnic Look Makeup, Ram look, Fashion Look, Retro look  
Classic Look, Fantasy Makeup, Neon Makeup,Print Media  
Makeup, Stage Look, Pakistani Muslim Bride, Christian  
wedding Makeup for Men and Teenagers (groom) and  
Air Brush Makeup.  
Skin prep and Skin Analysis  
Depth Knowledge of Products and Tools   
Saree and Duppatta Draping  
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